As a worldbuilder, my interests lie primarily with ancient history, specifically the years between the dawn of civilization and the collapse of the Roman empire (10,000BC to 1000CE). While there is a wealth of information available on the ancient world, trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of simple aspects ended up involving days of research across multiple sources. Several years ago I began organizing my research into readable articles, with the intent of creating a comprehensive resource for authors and worldbuilders to add detail and realism to their ancient settings. Below is a list of planned articles, with completed articles linked.

History & Evolution

Culture & Society

Food & Farming



Fruits & Vegetables


Meat & Animal Products


Health & Medicine

Clothing & Dress

Clothing Materials

Leather & Textile Production

Clothing Production

Travel & Transportation

Land Travel

Sea Travel

Technology & Engineering


Construction & Architecture

Civil Engineering

VI – Knowledge & Education

Calendars & Timekeeping

Weapons & Warfare

Weapons & Armor

Armies & Tactics

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